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How it works?

  • Filter your products using keywords, category, and more.

  • Change all the properties you need at once.

  • Apply discounts in bulk, by percentage or fixed value.

  • Add/Remove selected products to/from a category at once.

  • Add and remove options on all of the products in a minute

  • Using product attributes? Now easier than ever.

  • Stop generating variations one by one...

  • Add related products in bulk.

  • Clear image galleries/files in one click.

  • Replace text in bulk on product's title, description and more.

Current feature list

  • Filter products to apply changes in bulk by keyword, category, availability, attributes, dates and much more
  • Drag n' drop images and files into products
  • Clear image gallery/files
  • Change properties like: price, weight, quantity, SEO, product type and more
  • Apply absolute and percentual discounts, raise prices, revert sales prices, change bulk discounting
  • Add/remove products from a category
  • Add/remove options and values, clone from other products, import from file, remove options by type
  • Discounting/Raising prices on Options/Choices
  • Special Rounding and VAT Rouding for Base Prices, Options/Choices and Variations
  • Rename/add translation on options and values
  • Edit attribute values, clone attributes from other products
  • Auto-generate variations, filter variations to update, filter variations to delete
  • Update variations applying discounts, raising prices, changing other properties like: price, quantity, weight and more
  • Add/delete related products, enable/disable random product suggestions
  • Adding/Removing Shipping Methods from Products
  • Find and replace, substitute, append, insert texts on product name, description, SEO
  • Export product's data for integrations
  • ... and more! There's always a new feature. =-)

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If you have any questions, you can contact us at support@smartit.com.br